Mother, I Miss You

Dear Mother,

Well, I'm turning 50 today, and you've been gone from my presence for 6 years now. How I wish you could be here to help me celebrate. I know that you would bake my favorite cake for me and tell me once again how proud you are of me. And you would enjoy telling the same silly stories about my childhood antics, and glow with your mother's love as you speak of all the things I gave you that made you the happiest.

I was just as proud of you as you were of me. The sacrifices you made to make my life as wonderful as it was will never be forgotten. From the 32 dresses you washed, ironed and dressed me in when I was a baby to the Hawaiian vacation you gave me just for graduating from high school, which you scrimped and saved and did without yourself for, were things I never asked for but you gave with your whole heart. The values and beliefs you gave me have sustained and strengthened me when I have needed it the most.

The final hours of your life were the most beautiful of all. Although you could not see me, I know that you could feel me and hear me. As I held you in my arms for the last time, I knew that you were tired and wanted to go Home. You had lived your life, done your job, and yearned for a deeper peace. As your breathing became more labored, I saw the tear coming from your left eye. I knew that you had seen Jesus. I whispered into your ear to go with Him. And then I closed your beautiful blue eyes.

Your final act here on Earth was yet another sacrifice. You allowed me to see that there is nothing to fear in dying, and that it is not the end, but the beginning. Although I miss you more than words can express, I would not be so selfish to wish you could leave Paradise to come back here. The peace, love and happiness you know now is what you deserve. And one day I will see you again, and we can enjoy Paradise together.

Until that time, Mother, just keep watching over me and praying for me. I still hear your voice, still feel your touch, and you still live in my heart. I love you, Mother. I always have and I always will.

Your loving daughter,

"Mother I Miss You"
John Tesh with Dalia
From the album, "Grand Passion"

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