One of the things we love to do best is leave the cares and burdens of the day behind and escape into another world within our minds. The vastness of what we have all come to know as cyberspace offers endless possibilities in our desire to escape. Music we enjoy can rest the mind, and elevate the spirit. What a wonderful thing it is that we can combine the visuals with the sounds of where we want to be.

Come with me to a world of beauty, music and romance. Close your eyes and listen to the lush sounds of the flamenco guitar, latin percussion, violins and castanets....and let yourself be carried gently away....

Armik Dashchi---world's greatest flamenco guitarist
(in my most humble opinion)

"Tango Flamenco"

"Meet You in Heaven"

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Check out Armik's latest CDs, "Gypsy Flame" and "Rubio"

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