Welcome to my kitchen! Here you will find not only recipes, anecdotes and tips on preparing and serving food, but helpful information on establishing and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle. I will share recipes that have been in my family for 6 generations, as well as my own creations, and the stories behind them. My darling Ray has promised to provide some of his recipes as well, which will come later. I will also share my experience and knowledge in the area of health and nutrition.

After nearly 5 years since this portion of my website first evolved, I have decided to streamline the functionality of the site. I have removed many of the large graphics which take up a lot of space on the server and take time to download. The recipes will now be listed on each page and linked to a separate page which will pop up and you can print out the recipe from there.

My idea for this site evolved from three very special factors. Originally, I was just going to put up the family recipes, and it was going to be just that...a recipe site. Then, in November 1998 I received the shocking news that my best friend Bob had a heart attack. Fortunately, he did not require open-heart surgery, but he did endure a rather difficult angioplasty. He came very close to requiring a bypass operation. When the crisis was over, the realization came that we, his family and friends, came much too close to losing him.

Bob has undergone quite a few changes in his life, following his ordeal. Before his heart attack, he was in his early 40's, had a high-stress job, sedentary lifestyle for the most part, smoked, and had a voracious appetite which, I must confess, I happily fed. His job required him to travel extensively. He ate meals on the run much of the time, and of course this meant going to fast-food restaurants and eating the wrong things. What resulted was a buildup of plaque in the major arteries of his heart.

As Bob began to recover from his ordeal, we all began to look at our unhealthy habits and lifestyles. We were reminded of things we already knew but chose to ignore, and we learned even more.

It was about the same time that Bob had his attack that we learned that Ray showed early signs of diabetes. With close monitoring, testing, medication, and a radical change in his diet, he is doing well. But here again, major changes had to take place in his life, and it will be an ongoing process.

Since I was a young girl, I have always loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen. It was at the age of 12 when I learned of my talents. This delighted my mother tremendously, who was herself a wonderful cook, because her time spent in the kitchen was greatly reduced. She made a great mentor, and encouraged me to try new things and develop my own recipes. I enjoy entertaining and sharing my creations with friends and family. Now, on a much larger scale, I will be sharing my gifts, which my mother always reminded me, are God-given.

A couple of people have asked me if I would be accepting other people's recipes to post on the site. I would be more than happy to post a recipe for someone, and give them full credit for it. Just e-mail me the recipe along with the title and the name you want me to post with it.

Each category page also has its own sound file. If you have visited my other sites, you will know that music is, and always has been, an important part of my life. Combining this interest with cooking seems natural to me...I just LOVE to listen to a good CD while piddling around in the kitchen! Of course, if you find the music too distracting for you, you can turn off the sound by clicking the "off" button of the player located at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoy my site, and that it will in some small way enhance your life! I will be adding new recipes and tidbits periodically, so if you want to return, be sure and bookmark this page. You can proceed through the site by clicking on the buttons below. Bon appetit!


ONE ADDED NOTE: Before you proceed to the recipe categories, click the midi player off on this page, so it does not interfere with the midi sounds on the category pages.

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