Thereís a place I visit daily
Where hugs and smiles abound.
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry
From stories so profound.

I have a bunch of friends, you see,
Some Iíve never met.
Our hearts have been connected
Through the world-wide internet.

We send each other messages
Of faith and hope and love,
Of tragedy and comedy,
Of things from up above.

I love my email contact list.
Each name is dear to me.
I say a prayer for every one,
That blessings they will see.

My life is so much richer
From the mail that I receive.
This internet has purpose,
I really do believe.

To let you know Iím grateful
For your hugs, your smiles, your rhyme,
Iím sending you this great big smooch
To thank you for your time.

Candy Slocum ©2005

The midi you are hearing is
"That's What Friends Are For."

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