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Hello Friends!

My name is Gadget, and welcome to my web page! Mommy Candy let me have my very own space on her website so I can share my life and my talents with you! Mommy is teaching me a lot of neat stuff, and I hope you'll check out the cool links I have at the bottom of the page.

I'm a very lucky kitty. You see, I had a tough time getting here, and I almost didn't make it. My birth mommy was not in good health when she became pregnant with me and my 4 brothers and sisters. When we were born, she had a hard time taking care of us. She was homeless and hungry, and we got real hungry too. But she was able to find a warm safe place for us on a farm with some very nice people. The farmer found us and told his daughter Cindy about us. Cindy came to see us and decided it was best that we go home with her. Two of my siblings had already died, and the other three of us were close to death. But we had to leave our mommy, and that was sad.

Mommy Cindy and her family took real good care of me and my 2 brothers, giving us a warm and comfy place to live and to sleep and lots of nourishing food and milk. We soon started to grow and become healthy and happy.

Then on Labor Day 1999 Mommy and her family took one of my brothers and me for a ride in the car, and they brought me to see my new Mommy, Candy. She smiled at me when she saw me and took me from Danielle, Mommy Cindy's daughter who was holding me. She snuggled me, and my motor started running like it usually does. Mommy Candy held me real gently and petted me while Mommy Cindy and her family left. Mommy Candy showed me where my food and water was, and she had the exact same dishes Mommy Cindy had for my brothers and me! And my bathroom was exactly like the one I had at my other home too! And I had lots of toys to play with, and lots of comfy places to rest. Life was good.

Then a few days later Mommy took me to meet my doctor. I got tested for all kinds of stuff, and I got two shots. Ouch! The doctor said I was basically very healthy, and that I was a lucky kitty. But I had some wormies in my tummy and some fleas, so Mommy had to give me a pill after we got back home. Yuck! And then she sprayed me with this icky stuff that made me sneeze. But she told me it would make me feel better and it did.

I have a lot of fun now. I like to help Mommy do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and I like to help her with her hobbies too, especially knitting. comes Mommy!!

Actually, Mommy praises me for being such a good kitty. I don't get into trouble.....much.

Mommy is teaching me a lot about the puter and showing me how to make pictures and words and stuff. This is our studio where we work.

She showed me how to set up a web page and write this language called HTML. It was not time at all before I started to work on my page.

Mommy didn't know I have a taste for iced tea. I didn't either, but putting a web page together is a lot of work! Kitties get thirsty too, ya know....

Sometimes I get stumped on this HTML stuff and I have to lay down and contemplate it.

Let me introduce you to some of my friends.

This is my friend Felix. He's a character.

These are my friends Tom and Jerry. All they ever do is sleep.

These are my friends Danny, Mona, Kitty and Lani. They're fun and they like to play like me!

Tinker, Coby and Tiger are always good for a laugh.

Itchy is one crazy cat. His best friend is a mouse named Scratchy, and they go round and round all day and all night.

Socks is always getting himself into trouble. He really doesn't mean to. I think he's just not very bright.

Old Hank used to be a really good mousecatcher, and he taught a lot of younger cats the art. Nowadays, though, he just kinda lays around and stares at them. I don't know if he's too tired to try anymore or if he just doesn't care ...

My very favorite cat in the whole world is my hero, Garfield. He's a real party animal.....giggle!

Well, that's my life so far. I'm getting bigger and healthier all the time. Mommy is taking real good care of me, and I'm a happy kitty. I wish that all the kitties in the world could be as lucky as me. Let me know what you think of my page, and check back from time to time.

See ya next time!


I'll never forget the day Daddy and Mommy brought home my baby sister, Gizmo. I set up a page for her:


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