Welcome to the virtual home of VirtualCandy. My domain is a humble and hopefully worthwhile continuation of what began over 20 years ago as a long and arduous journey of my creative spirit. I hope to make it an expression of both my Christianity and my Cherokee heritage. God is the true author of all of my creations contained within these pages. I am merely one of His many instruments. My work is dedicated to Him and to all those He has placed in my life to teach me, inspire me, encourage me, guide me and love me. I give Him all glory, praise, and thanks for every blessing.

You will find within this web site inspirational pages, fun pages, informative pages, and useful pages. For you webmasters I have some web sets and backgrounds you are welcome to use on your own sites. I hope to develop my knowledge of Paint Shop Pro, the main graphics program I use, in order to create and offer other graphic components.

Please take the time to sign my guestbook. An email link is located toward the bottom of this page should you want to contact me. You can sign up for my newsletter, which I send out periodically when there are updates to the web site, by completing the short form also at the bottom of the page.

My heartfelt thanks for taking the time to visit my internet home, the product of my soul which lives in my heart, and my spirit which resides in my mind. I pray that each and every one of you visiting will have a safe and blessed day. I sincerely hope you enjoy your journey, that you are blessed by it, and that you will come back again soon!

This is my personal Bible verse, the one I have taken as my very own, the one I believe was inspired and written just for me.

If you would like for me to design a tag for your own Bible verse, it would be my joy to do so. Just send me an e-mail message with "Bible verse tag request" in the subject line. As there are many Bible translations and paraphrases available to us, please enter the entire verse and passage reference in the body of your e-mail message. I will design your tag and attach it to a return e-mail message.

My good eBay friend Lil made this banner for me which is still hanging on the wall in my office.

Inspirations, Dedications and Memorials

A Poem For You
A Sandpiper To Bring You Joy
Agony and Ecstacy
Baby Candy
Congratulations Son!
The Cross In My Pocket
Cyber Friends
Favorite Quotes
Fun In The Sun
God Speaks
God's Amazing Unconditional Love
God's Children
Heavenly Dream
I'm Glad You're In My Dash
Judge Ye Not
Kennedy Tribute
Life Is A Dance
Mother I Miss You
Mother's Day Wishes
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Name Above All Names
Someone To Watch Over Me
The White Gardenia
Time In A Bottle
Tree Dreams
Tribute To Columbine High
Unsung Heroes
You Are Loved
You Say He Says
You're Never Alone

Cooking With Candy
Jokes and Humor
Prose And Poetry By Marcia
Save The Panda
The Quest
Trick Or Treat!
A Virtual Christmas
A Virtual Wedding

A number of folks have asked me for a banner or link button to use to link their sites to mine. Here is my new one! Please link to http://www.virtualcandy.com.

(Mom sang this to me as a baby)

Pixel Clock
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Internet pornography and incidents of online exploitation of children are unfortunately on the rise. However, there is also an ever-increasing awareness of the problem, and an abundance of good organizations fighting the good fight and offering support and solutions. Here are some links to help educate us and provide a safe online environment for our children and our families:

Please let me know if any link on this page doesn't work!

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I would like to thank the many fine graphic artists throughout the internet, who share their work freely for others to use and enjoy. They are among the unsung heroes of the world wide web. In the design of my office shown at the top of this page, I used Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro and additional PSP brushes, picture tubes, frames and tutorials I obtained from the following web sites. Please click on the artist's logo button to visit their web site.

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