Welcome to my jokes and humor site. I will be adding new things periodically, so I hope you come back often and check out the new additions. I believe that laughter is the music of the soul, and it's common knowledge that it's one of the best relievers of stress. Learning to laugh at ourselves is good medicine :)

I've been collecting jokes for nearly 40 years, from all different kinds of sources. I intend to pass along only the best of the best. There will be some cartoons as well. A great source of much of the material I will be posting comes from e-mails I have received from my good friend Gary.

If you are a man who has always been perplexed about the idiosyncracies of the female sex, be sure and visit my "Discovering Venus" site. This is just what you need !

Without further ado, you can begin your journey by clicking on one of the links below. Then sit back, have fun, and I do hope you enjoy my site. :)


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Thank you all for visiting and come back real soon! :)

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