In late September 2007, we bred our purebred Lhasa Apso, Manda, to a purebred apricot Toy Poodle, Joey. Both my husband and Joey's owner are dog breeders with more than 60 years' experience between them. Both Manda and Joey have dual registry with the ACA (American Canine Association) and the APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc.). Manda's litter of five, born on November 23, 2007, has been registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club). Lhasa-Poos are a recognized designer hybrid breed. Photos and descriptions of each puppy are listed below.


This red and white female was the first born, and went to the owner of the sire, who sold her to a very nice professional couple. She was a very sweet little girl with an extremely affectionate and cuddly nature. I'm sure she's the perfect little lap dog.

This white female was the second born, and was sold to a lovely family as a gift to their senior mother who had lost her little dog in 2007. She had apricot markings on her ears, compliments of the sire. She was a very energetic, playful little girl with a happy disposition.

Jigme Mida
This red and white male was the third born. He has black markings on his tail and ears. He is a very sweet little boy with an extremely affectionate and cuddly nature. He has a huge heart, and makes an excellent lap dog. At 6 weeks, he was the smallest of the litter. His Tibetan name in English means "fearless, thunderbolt" and "pistol."

Kitsi Pabu
This creme colored male was the fourth born. The smallest of the litter at birth, he now is the largest. His fur and coloring reminds us of a tiny Great Pyranees. Of all of the puppies, his coloring and conformation are by far the most beautiful. He is very energetic and playful by nature, has proven to be an upright guardian, and is by far the most intelligent of the litter. His name in English means "ticklish" and "puffball."

Coqo Jangbu
This apricot and white male was the last born. His amazing coat actually has a marbling effect, and of the litter, it was our vet's opinion that this little guy had the prettiest face. This little fellow is turning out to be one great pet. He was a wonderful personality which is both playful and affectionate, and he seems to be the most laid back of the litter. He's very independent, and he would be perfectly happy to be an "only child." Although we love all of our dogs equally, the versatility of this puppy is very desirable, and makes him our personal pick. His name in English means "delicate" and "wise, learned, clever."

Lhasa-Poos are a highly desirable designer hybrid breed. They are very hypoallergenic, and can therefore often be maintained by humans with allergies. They have very adaptable personalities, so that they can be enjoyed by a family, a couple, a single person or a senior citizen. They require just a little bit of exercise, so they also make great apartment pets. These Lhasa-Poos will weigh an average of 10 lbs at full growth.

Our puppies are all very well loved and cared for from birth. We are NOT a puppy mill, nor do we have a licensed kennel. Our Lhasa Apsos and Lhasa-Poos are considered pets, and are treated accordingly. We consider pets as an integral part of their family who care for them. These puppies are very well socialized with humans as well as other pets, and come pre-spoiled.

This litter was whelped on November 23, 2007. They were taken to our vet when they were 4 days old for weighing, overall health examinations and dew claw removal. We did NOT have their tails docked, due to the likelihood that they would have the Lhasa Apso tails which curl up over their backs. That has proven to be the case with all the puppies.

The puppies received their initial worming treatments (Panacur) at 4 weeks of age, and they began their dry food regimen of Royal Canin Whelping Formula on Christmas Day. They returned to the vet at 6 weeks for their follow-up exams and first shots. At 7 weeks we began incorporating the Royal Canin 33 Formula into their diets, and they will be receiving their second round of worming treatments on January 15, 2008. They received their second round of puppy shots on on March 4, and their rabies and adult shots on March 27. The three boys remaining were neutered on May 8, as the most desireable hybrid is one produced by breeding 2 purebreds.

As our three boys continue to grow, I will post new photos and updates.




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