Marcia is a dear friend with whom I worked until the Fall of 1999 when she decided to retire early so that she could pursue other interests more personally rewarding. She is a gifted writer, mainly of poetry. Whenever we needed something artistic or clever to be composed for a special occasion, she was the one everyone called upon. I was always amazed at how easily she could just "pull words out of a hat" right on the spot, something I could never do. It can take me from many hours to several days, weeks or even months to transform an inspiration or thought into words.

I will be publishing some of Marcia's work on this site, with her permission. As she continues to work toward having her writings published professionally, none of the contents of these pages are to be copied or reproduced in any manner. The writings are the express property of the author, and the designs and graphics are the property of the webmaster to be used exclusively on this portion of the website. Feel free to share these pages with others via links in e-mail or ICQ or through chat programs.

We hope you enjoy the Prose and Poetry of Marcia.


Ain't No Cowpoke
Beyond Ourselves
The Greatest Gift
Heaven's Shore
How To Train A Wife
Lost Innocence
Mother's Day
My Idea Of Heaven
Oh No!
Our Christmas Dream
Phone Call To Heaven
Prayer For Patience
The Salty Dog
Setting Loose The Flaws
Shining Star
Standing Firm
Whish Ida Thawt Of That!
Why, God?

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