My Solace at Stinson Beach

All of us have times in our lives when we feel completely alone and isolated and helpless. We have all experienced having our very world crumble right beneath our feet. We have all known pain, loss, sorrow and disappointment. None of us are immune from these things, and yet when they happen, we ask....why.

Without knowing pain, we cannot know freedom. Without knowing loss we cannot know how it feels to gain. Without knowing sorrow we cannot know happiness. Without experiencing disappointment, we cannot feel elation.

The good times and bad times are given to us to help us learn and grow. We suffer so that we may know how our brother feels when he suffers. We soar so that we may know how our brother feels when he soars. It is then that we can truly share our brother's grief as well as his joy.

In the tumultuous times of our lives it helps us to know that whatever it is we are going through is temporal; to remind ourselves that "this too shall pass." It helps to know that whatever it is we are experiencing, we have all experienced. We therefore cannot ask ourselves "why me," but rather "why not me."

When we make it through a crisis or a painful experience in our lives, we come back stronger and smarter. We are amazed at how well we were able to meet the challenge. It is the human spirit which keeps us alive and keeps us going until we finally reach the end of the road we must travel.

When you have a tough time in your life, just remember the promise, "Lo, I am with you always." You are never, ever really alone.


Michael Jackson
"You Are Not Alone"

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