He may not be much to look at, especially at the end of a long hard day on the job. He may not be the most jovial, energetic guy in the world every single minute of every single hour. He may not have all the pizzazz and style and worldly charisma you fantasize about. He may not always know exactly what to do and what to say at just the right moment. He may not always get everything just right. He is not perfect, nor did he ever profess to be. He's just out there trying his best to do the right thing.

It may not look like it, but he carries the world on his shoulders. You see, he has a family who depend on his very life. He has a wife and children to feed, clothe, house, teach, educate, and nurture. He is the foundation of their very existence, the example of what it is to be a man.

We women do love to engage in a little male-bashing from time to time. Yes, men are very different from us. That's the way God planned it. And whatever God does is always perfect. He made us--all of us--human. And he gave us--all of us--the same feelings and same emotions.

He may not be Mr. Perfect, but one thing is for sure...he loves his family. There is nothing he wouldn't do for them. If he could, he would fly to the moon and bring it home in a big sack, gathering up all the stars he could carry along the way, and lay them all at your feet. He doesn't ask for much in return, nor does he expect it. What he does, he does with his heart.

He is your husband, lover, best friend, companion, and partner. He wants, needs, and deserves your heart, your love, your compassion, your tenderness, your mercy, your loyalty, your honor, your time, your help, and your prayers. He is the one you fell in love with, the one who fell in love with you, the one who has made a difference in your life. He is your unsung hero. Love him....just love him.


Mariah Carey

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